woodsmen and friend to the beast



1- alchemy research book
the book contains 8 reciepes and all the research in the creation of it, 10 pts of research.
alarina – healing d4+1 points
Berilum – Recover from fatigue – 5min rest equals a days rest
Devarum – gives +1 to saves vrs poison for 6 hours
Elemeto – reduces swelling from twisted joints or sprans
Gaethius – stops nuusea and upaet stomach
Habsulum – holds oxygen in the bloodstream, thus able to hold breath twice as long or able to function in low air enverioment.
Kargale – preserves meats for 3 months
Stiltrassa – purify water from common bateria

Book of Erik the Bold
erik the bold is a wizard of unusual insight to magic- the ability to dig deep into the mana source to retive vast energy. hehad the reputation of being somewhat foolish and lack details some times. this book covers ide on phantom energy.

you hear of a alchemist that is always looking for research material and needs help form time to time gathering herbs, reputed to pay well.
he currently needs help to solve a problem with “dracofelas” that is stalking a valley that he gathers his lethmroot herb.7


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