mystic / magus


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scrap of papper see player note 1

1.5 days east ofcity of galin is a woods with a coven of druids rumors is that someof the cities missing children weretaken there. [#45]

you remember of hearing of a wizard named maltross who is reknown in the area of movement and teleportation. [#15]

you once hear of one of the teachers at the school talk about a inn named golden stag in your home town, he was talking about elven wine. [#13}

about 9 days ago [ 720-3-21 ] you heard that head master tadz ultzan and teacher jormun golfr left to go to a city west of hear but u can not remeber the towns name. it was something to do aboutsomenew books. u also remeber the name Albuz dentron possibly the broker. [#10]


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