Priest of Nature


has copy of player note 3 – see folder26

has research about god stones
the are ancient stones placed to mark laylines, which are vien of power with in the earth u have notes of 6 focus symbols and 2 power symbols 48

the battle of sorrow was north of “river top” river, you remember hearing about the battle in one of the classes, last week u heard that a man who died in a street fight, he had a sword that matches a description of a sword made by “Myoshi”. the battle happened about 3 daysnorth of rildon. the battle was between the sidhe [elves] and humans 47

u remember a story about a city in the center of the sand sea, this was back before the red moon….. the mages of the area had knowledge how to store both devine and magic energy in comon objects. they also where known for the healing potions and elixirs.31

you remember about 5 weeks ago one of your teachers " Hakon Varnea" met with a man named “Menszor” not sure what it was about but Hakon was upset and pissed at theworld fordays afterwards.34


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