New World

game day 2

720-3-3 to 720-3-10 the group while in camp along the road hear noise in the middle of the night, the find a human warrior in chain fighting a pig faced humaniod which they help kill just as another attacks from the rear. the march on in the morning to town of lofton. They have lunch with vlads mom and some tea and pie with kyle mom. they learn what they wanted to know their families do remember them. they head south on the road to find the town of rildon, on the travels the explore a bit and 3 of the group find a cavernious room empty with 2 tunnels on oposed ends headed south and north, by falling thgrough tht roof. the group gets them out with the druide being nock sinceless. as the start to clear the area the druid learns that the 24 bottles of wine that where in the family for years has been damage. hemoves to check the damage as vapors and smoke bellow forth from the crate. he opens the crate as a gas starts to choke and burn the skin and eyes, they back up as the noses string forth mucus and the bodies ache. once the gas clear and the effects lessen the go to look….. 6 bottles broke and theliquides mixed and spill forth from the wooden box. aaron fingers blistered and burned from touching the liquide, the use a knife to remove the debree andlearn the liquide has eating the metal. closer look at the bottles illith reconized the lables

lable: magogi’s magical winer 651

12 of the lables have a small letter in the corner 6 of which now remain in shards of glass.
illith remembers of a magus that was powerful and known for his warped sence of humor and wimisical jokes.

they contenue down the road just to learn that they took the wrong road, in the town of @@@@@@@@@@@@, they ask how to get to rildon and learn they can take the roadup to city of galin and then down to rildon or cut brush and head dead west. they talk to a townsmen and find their is acrazy oldman on the hill that might act as a guide, so they go and talk to him. they stike a deal for 3g no 5g to guide them and they will leave in the morning.

they guide place the payment in a steel looking cash box that is filled with gold and platium, shutting the box the mage and druid both feel the heat of the mana being moved as the guide moves his hand about to seal the cash box. he them points to a feild for them to camp in and not to feed goergi as this massive alligator comes out almost 30 feet in length. they ask what is it and the guide calls it a dracolisk. aaron goes to speak to him in private about his collection of wine bottles showing him one bottle ask him about it, the guide seemstoreconize it as he jokes about magogi being a son of bitch and ask how meny bottles he has which aaron states only one [ clsaiming it was i refrence to the letter k on the lable] the guide imediatly gets angry telling them toget out and leave which they do headed up the norther road.



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